All five senses soon start firing on a visit to London’s Borough Market, although it might be best not to use too much touch unless you’ve paid your money or a stall holder offers a tasting option! I called in during my recent photography course and was reminded why its still a favourite eating and shopping spot for both Londoners and visitors.

IMG_0162Owned by a charitable trust, Borough is London’s oldest food market and has over 100 stalls nestled under a green and cream wrought iron and glass roof in Southwark. Originally a fruit and vegetable market, the stalls today offer all manner of foodie temptations and the market prides itself on the fact that many of its traders are primary producers – people who grow, rear or create the food they sell.

IMG_0155Needless to say it is busy, particularly around lunchtime when you need to weave your way around people clutching beers and glasses of wine and prosecco, while cramming tasty bites of all shapes and sizes into their eager mouths. But if you’re not in a rush then the crowd doesn’t matter and soon you’ll be happily tuning your ears into sizzles and traders’ shouts; smelling cheeses, meats and fresh fish; and seeing colour bursting from piled high fruit, veg and flowers.

IMG_0147The canopies over the stalls are colourful too, along with the handwritten signs promising stacks of special offers and deals. Options to browse vary from rustic cheese stalls and classy wine and beer merchants to bakers offering all manner of delicious breads, cakes, fudges and pastries and international stalls packed with interesting spices, olives and condiments.

IMG_0164As well as stalls there are also plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars in and around the market offering everything from a breakfast fry up to ice cream and sushi. And of course there’s The Globe pub, which will probably look pretty familiar to any Bridget Jones fans out there.

In fact whatever you fancy eating or drinking the chances are you’ll find it at Borough. Just make sure you don’t go with a full stomach or you’ll literally be weeping at the vast array of mouth watering delights you don’t have room to sample.

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